Armenian Genocide Monument


As far as I know the Armenian Genocide Monument in Fresno is the only monument in the USA to remember the Armenian Genocide 100 years ago in Turkey. Many of the estimated 40,000 Armenians that live in the Central California Valley are direct descendants of Armenian survivors.

I photographed the Monument at night reflecting on the dark side of humanity. Sometimes we all aks why do those terrible things happen and why can’t we all live in peace together?

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!



Fall in Yosemite Valley


There were a few thought that went through my head when I created this image. First, the wind was blowing meaning I had to pick a fast shutter speed to “freeze the action.” I settles for 1/500 of a second. Second, in order to get the star effect I had to stop down the lens. I never close it all the way because I did not want to loose sharpness. In order to properly expose the camera sensor I picked a 1600 ISO setting. In the past I would have been very reluctant to pick such a high setting but today’s cameras handle noise a lot better than cameras that were produced ten years ago.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

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