Light Painting

While we were waiting for the Milky way to appear we were doing some light painting at he cemetery in Hornitos, CA. Since my full frame camera was already set-up for the Milky way I decided to use my little travel camera which has a much smaller sensor. I must say that I was pleased with the image.

By the way the Milky Way shot is at my other blog that I share with six other photographers. Go to 

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Back to Bodie

It was a cold and crisp October morning in Bodie, CA and there were beautiful puffy clouds visible on the horizon. All in all a perfect day to photograph and come home with some interesting images. I decided to use my 50mm Russian m42 lens combines with a tilt adapter. The Russian Helios lens produces a great blur and with the tilt adapter I was able to control this blur quite well. This is one of my images that I really like.

Enjoy the photograph and keep opn working on your own images!