Rough & Ready


I love to photograph at lake Yosemite just outside Merced, CA. After a while I got to know many of the men and women that are always ready to go out and catch a fish. One day I asked this gentleman if he would give me permission to photograph him and he said yes. I treasure this portrait until today. It never hurts to ask someone: Can I photograph you, please? You might get a wonderful image.

Happy shooting!

My retirement funds!!!


The idea for this composition came from the Chowchilla photo club (  The theme for the month of March was “Green.” I started out writing down everything that came to my mind that I associated with the word “green” and out of this small exercise that I learned in a Photoshop class at Merced college came the idea for this composition.

Happy shooting!

Studio Photography


For studio portraits we are using large soft-boxes. They create a very soft light that is pleasing to the eye. The soft-box you see in the picture is called the main or key light. The second soft-box we use is called the fill light. The purpose of the main light is to lighten the subject. The purpose of the fill light is to soften the shadows created by the main light without creating new shadows on the subjects face. Therefor the main light has to be more powerful than the fill light. A good portrait ratio is that the main light is about three times as powerful as the key light.

Happy shooting

Peach Blossom


I cut a small branch of my peach tree and photographed it inside. I used two daylight bulbs that were diffused through an umbrella. I used a 4×5 camera that I connected to my DSLR.  I was amazed that the old lens of my 4×5 camera is able to produce such a great image.

Happy shooting!

I am not drunk!


Blurred pictures are usually a sign of poor photographic skills unless you create them on purpose. I photographed this mustard flower in my backyard and it looked okay. I used a black backdrop to create a “clean” background. When I looked at the images it looked perfectly executed and still I thought it was an average image. So I started to brain storm and came up with the idea to use a motion blur filter as an overlay and after a few “clicks” I got this picture which I like.

I am preparing a boot camp class on Photoshop in April. If you are interested, please email me (

Happy photographing and editing!