Look with fresh eyes.


My wife drove to a shopping mall and asked me if I wanted to accompany her.¬† I could not say: “Sorry, the light is not right!” The light was perfect, late in the afternoon. I took my camera with and while she was shopping’ I wandered around the parking lot to find something interesting. It was the same boring parking lot that I have been so many times. Suddenly some of the bushes drew my attention. They were trimmed so many times over the years. I discovered the trunk was nicely structured and started shooting. I came home with some interesting pictures that I got from a dull parking lot.

Look with fresh eyes and if you don’t see anything interesting, look again and again! The good stuff will show up!

Model on a bike


This  photograph is one of a series of photos. It was shot too early in the afternoon. The light was everything but perfect and on top of all my fill in flash did not work. I liked the composition of the models smile and her hair and decided to give it a try in post production. Out of the Raw image I created several images that I linked together through a high dynamic range process. This way the face, which was originally pretty dark came out nicely. At the end, I sharpened the image and here we go.

Happy shooting and editing!

Men’s best friend


Studio photography takes a subject out of his/hers personal environment. It reduces the subject to the essential. That can be very helpful in certain situations. In this image I wanted to show the relationship between the dog and his owner. I also wanted to ask the question who is the owner? The man who gives the dog the treat or the dog who stands above the man.

Happy shooting!

Nefertiti and Photoshop



I am in the process of preparing a boot camp class for Photoshop. I will use this example of Nefertiti to recreate her eye and fix her skin. But how to fix the ears? Any ideas?

I took this image through glass at the Egyptian museum in Berlin, Germany. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Berlin go to the Egyptian museum. It is just magnificent.

PS: After I posted the second image I saw a little flaw in her eyes. Do you know where it is? You probably saw it right away. I was to close to it and needed a fresh look. Detail is king in photo editing!



Most everybody with a great lawn does not like them. The photographer however sees in them an incredible subject. I photographed this one with my 4X5 Camera attached to my DSLR. It takes a while to properly focus and shoot but it is a lot of fun.

Happy shooting



This week I had to take my daughter to the dentist. While she had her exam I decided to wander around the dentist office to find something to photograph. Sure enough I found these water drops that got my attention. I got several great shot. Always take a camera with you. Sometimes great opportunities occur!

Happy shooting.