Sneeker Wave

Earlier this day I got soaked from top to bottom and my cell phone was damaged. The same afternoon I got photographed at a different place. Take a look at the photographer on the left and see what is just about to happen.

It is the same wave but somehow it got reflected differently that all the other waves. I pressed the shutter again…

Oh boy, he and his camera got soaked!

Sometimes photography can be fun but I am sure it was no fun for this guy.

Keep on photographing!


Wolfsburg is the home of the VW factory. The VW Rabbit GTI or Golf GTI is the sports version of the VW Rabbit or VW Golf.  While the city was preparing for a “homecoming day” of the VW Rabbit GTI I was able to photograph a red older VW Rabbit in front of the GTI sign in Wolfsburg.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!


A Place of Pilgrimage

I am visiting another Catholic country on this trip, Poland. After our Malaga experience, we visited the place of the Black Madonna in Częstochowa, Poland. I entered the church on a Sunday afternoon and I saw a large church full of people celebrating Mass. 

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!