Today I had the opportunity to photograph in the city of Wielun in Poland. In this image one sees the fountain in the City Center. Eighty years ago on September 1st, 1939 the German Air Force bombed the city and destroyed the City Center almost  completely. The hospital was bombed and there was no military present. This was most likely the first action of WWII and it was a war crime. 

Enjoy the image and be thankful for each day that you can live in peace.

1870 – 1871

Currently I am staying with my father in a small village in northern Germany. In the morning I try to take my exercise walk. This morning I discovered a statue in the backyard of the old Romanesque church. The purpose of the statue was to remember the fallen soldiers of the Anglo – Prussian war in 1870 – 1871. I thought about Benjamin Franklins statement: „There was never a good war or a bad peace!“

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!