Evening at Lake Yosemite

Photoblog Day 1907

It was a beautiful evening in Merced, CA/  The light was warm and there were not too many pollutants in the air. In other words it was the perfect time to take my quadcopter to Lake Yosemite and photograph.  I flew the quadcopter over the lake at an altitude of about 300 feet when I pressed the remote shutter on my smart phone.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Lake Yosemite after the Spring Storm


After the last Spring storm I went out this morning to photograph at lake Yosemite which is located just outside my hometown Merced, CA. In order to create this image I used a tripod very close to the ground. I mounted several ND and a graduated ND filter to get an exposure time of 8 seconds to smooth out the waves on the lake surface. In addition I used a f20 aperture setting on my super wide angle lens to get as much depth of field as possible.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!