Lomo Collage

Lomography is a photography style that is basically without rules and without thinking. Most lomographers use basic film cameras and just start photographing. I tried to imitate this style by walking through my neighborhood taking images randomly. Out of the many images I picked three and gave them kind of a film camera look using Nik filters. Then I created this collage.

Enjoy and keep on photographing! 

Fern Spring Yosemite National Park

Photoblog Day 1913

Fern Spring is a small but pretty spring in Yosemite National Park. Many people get their water supply from here and it is a favorite spot of many photographers. I thought I organize four of my images into a collage to create a wider sense of beauty and a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of this magnificent place.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Photoblog- Day-1776

I created this collage to somehow express my thankfulness that our cat Slinky is back home after his surgery. He is all stitched up and he should fully recover.

I photographed all these images in my neighborhood. In post-production I stylized the image to bring out the colors more. I tried just the opposite that I try to do with black and white photography. I convert to monochrome to reveal the structure, lines etc better. In this collage every part of the image had the purpose to do mother nature justice by bringing out all the colors that I could find.

In addition, the smaller images are shot from the bottom up. The larger image has just the opposite direction. I thought this contrast reflects the multitude of viewpoint that one can look at subjects.

As always, enjoy the image!


Rocks & Leaves



Last year I photographed lots of rocks in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and California. This Winter I am photographing dead leaves in my backyard. When I began looking at the structure of rocks and leaves I discovered many similarities. Therefor I decided to create a collage of 12 single images in black and white.

Enjoy and keep on creating great images