Portrait of a Blacksmith

Mike has been a blacksmith for several decades. He worked hard in his life and I wanted to show the harshness in his portrait. I decided to used a honeycomb strobe to emphasize on half of his face and I photographed him while he was looking into the direction of the strobe.

Enjoy the image and keep on creating great images!

Shadow of a Potatoe Bush

I have a large potato bush blooming in my yard. Yesterday I wanted to do some creative shadow images and I used a branch with a blossom as my subject. I put a translucent reflector between camera and subject and mounted the flash on a stand on the opposite side of the branch pointing directly into the camera lens. Then I experimented with flash and camera setting. This is the image I liked best so far.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Photoblog Day 1956

Currently we are having record or near record temperatures in Central California. This images reflects the situation. There is the merciless burning sun, the dead tree and the dry lawn in the foreground. Interestingly the lens reflection, which I normally don’t like in an image, supports the feeling of heat.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!