Star Trails at Grant Grove

Photoblog Day 1942

Saturday David and I went up to Kings Canyon National Park to photograph star trails. After all the people left and it got really dark I took fifteen exposures each for four minutes. In post production I created this final image. By the way, the large Sequoia tree is the General grant tree which is also the US Christmas tree.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!




My Cell Phone and Me

Photoblog- Day-1610

I was sitting on a collage campus observing people. I decided to photograph a few of the students that were walking to their classrooms in the early morning sun. I remember when I went to college there was no cell phone. It is amazing how much technology has changed our lives!

Enjoy the image amd keep on photographing!


Two Cormorant

I wasn’t sure how to edit this one.


My original thought was to darken the foreground and remove most if not all of the texture of the rocks. I was going for the silhouette of the cormorants against the sea swells. But I decided the cormorants, being black, did a pretty good job of being silhouettes by themselves and I like the contrast of the texture of the rocks verses the swell of the sea.

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