Finally a bee!


I have taken a lot of ‘bee’ photographs, most ending up throw aways. Since bees seldom sit on a flower for long, they present a lot of difficulties, you have to have a quick focus and reflexes.

On this one I used a moderate aperture setting of 5.6 which kept both the flower and bee in focus while blurring the background. There were a lot of bees about these flowers so I waited semi-patiently watching just a few flowers hoping one would land and I’d be ready.

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My Duck


A while back I said that I’d show you my Lake Yosemite Duck.  Well here it is, some people like it, some have said ‘it’s just a duck’. I guess that’s like most photographs, everything is subjective. I happen to like this one very much. It’s simple in it’s composition but I feel the texture and color of the water are a good contrast to the silhouette of ‘my’ duck. The background here is at least if not more important than the subject.

Ships and Sunset


I like the lines and shades of color in this photo, once again taken at Lake Yosemite just outside of Merced.

Friedhelm and I would like to invite your comments on our photos, either individually or the blog as a whole. Photography is a never ending process and the more we hear about our photos the more we learn and grow. We both have thick skins and know that we will learn more from the negative comments than the positive. But welcome any comments you would like to make, even the good ones.

Something everywhere!


While Friedhelm was enjoying a day in Yosemite I was stuck doing long put off bookwork and a homework assignment (some old dogs take a long time to learn new tricks).

So when the mood to take some photos overtook me I just opened the fire insert door and came up with this shot. See there are opportunities everywhere. Though I would have rather been in Yosemite.

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