Wine Glass in Black and White

Wine Glass in Black and White

There wasn’t any trick photography here. The reflections all depended on the placement of the glass, black mask, liquid and backlighting.  I placed the camera about 10-12 feet in front of the glasses to help control the depth of field so that all the glasses would be in focus. When dealing with glasses or similar circular objects being too close will create unwanted reflections.

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Merced Wildlife Refuge

Merced Wildlife Refuge

Most of the time when a photograph is blurred it’s because we were not holding the camera steady enough. I blurred this one on purpose to give a painting like effect. With my camera on a tripod and using a slow shutter speed, 1/4 of a second at f10, I zoomed in while pressing the shutter button. It took several tries to get the effect I wanted but that’s one of the benefits of digital, you can experiment without any additional cost.

Painting with light


This is an interesting image. One sees a carousel moving. One cannot recognize the figures because they are blurred by the motion. The blades on the top are moving parallel to the rotating figures however they are sharp. How do you create an image like this?

The answer is relatively simple. You use two different light sources. The rotating figures receive their light from the candles that are continuously burning. The blades are frozen through an indirect flash which only produces light for a fraction of a second and only affects the blades that are in the shade of the four candles.

An interesting side effect is that though the rotation of the blades the camera sensor also receives light from the candles creating a transparency effect on some of the blades.

Moving and fixed subject combined with a steady and a flash light source created this image!

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Winter in the Valley


It rarely snows in the Central Valley but there is frequently surface frost in the winter month. Flowers suffer under that frost but during the day many of them recover. For a photographer the early morning hours are a paradise of opportunity. The above flower was photographed in the early morning hours around my neighborhood during my exercise walk. The frost is already melting and you see the water drops on the flower.  Enjoy!