Moonbow Lower Yosemite Fall

After I photographed the moonbow at the Upper Yosemite Fall I drove to theparking lot of the Lower Fall and hiked up to the bottom of it. Needless to say that the mist was so strong that the lens was totally clogged up in a matter of seconds. I tried to protect the camera as much as possible and I wat this shot around midnight.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!


El Capitan in the Evening Light


This is my favorite image from my last visit to Yosemite National Park. First, I wanted to drive by this place at the Merced river but my wife talked me into staying and I am glad I did. I moved the camera close to the water and used a graduated neutral density filter to get this image of El Capitan in the evening sun.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Snow in Yosemite Valley


It was a fascinating day in Yosemite Valley. The fresh snow, the clouds and the mountains around us inspired so many people to photograph around me. I am sure they all brought home some  incredible images. I decided to transform this image into monochrome. I wanted to show the dramatic of the clouds and the structure of the snow. I thought a lot of it got lost in the color version.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!


First Snowstorm in Yosemite Valley 2016


The weather report looked promising. The first snow storm in Yosemite Valley for 2016. The system dumped a few inches of new snow on the ground over night and was on its way out in the morning. A perfect opportunity for every photographer. The clouds were hanging around. The sun was shining and there was snow on the ground!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Fall Colors in Yosemite


My wife and I photographed in Yosemite yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and if you are in the area, please visit the park now! The Fall colors are amazing!

I decided to try something different. I used my fisheye lens  and positioned the camera very close underneath a group of leaves. The I got out of the way and triggered the camera through my smart phone.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!